A Business Incubator
for Conscious Entrepreneurs
At BeMore Academy, we believe that High-Level Coaches and PD Professionals are shaping a new conscious world.

And we believe that your impact should be recognized, amplified, and highly profitable. 

Expertise and passion are not enough to grow a successful online business. You've got to master the art of Sales. 
If your income has plateaued at $50K / year, you know by now that being an expert at what you do with years or even decades of experience has nothing to do with growing a successful business... 

Running from client-to-client is highly risky and unsustainable on the long-run. 

How would 20 Sales Appointments / month with highly-qualified prospects change your business?
What you need is a reliable System to attracts quality prospects and generate sales appointments on-demand.

It's time to change the way you operate your business by integrating:

       > Sustainability
       > Predictability

A Proven System for Predictable Sales
BeMore Academy supports coaches, consultants, and therapists with the number one struggle that they are facing: finding new prospects & booking appointments, teaching them how to start generating a consistent flow of leads, sales appointments and clients - fast.

Ready to integrate Predictability & Sustainability
into your coaching business?

About BeMore Academy
A business incubator for coaches,
consultants, and therapists

Our Story
BeMore Academy was founded by the two of us, Marine & Jay, from our desire to bridge spirituality and business. 

After running a successful marketing agency and managing 6 & 7 figure portfolio projects, we realized that we were meant for something different. 

Thirsty for real connection and consciousness, we answered our inner call and traveled to Hawaii where Marine had an NDE. This major awakening led her to tap into her True Purpose, publish her first book and start coaching .

We moved to Bali, Indonesia, for 3 years and realized that most PD experts and coaches had "mastered" the inner work but were stuck and overwhelmed in their business.

We saw the need for an incubator to support coaches, mentors, and therapists to grow successful online businesses.

BeMore Academy was born. And today, it is a multi-6 Figure Online business with a team of 8, serving clients from 19 countries and counting.

Meet the Founders
Jay Rot
Founder & CEO
The Founder of BeMore Academy, a Visionary Entrepreneur, an Inspirational Speaker and Coach - Jay has been a catalyst in thousands of people’s lives.
He is an entrepreneur with 12 years business experience specialized in branding, digital marketing, and e-commerce. He has collaborated with leading multinational companies such as IBM, Outfit7, Era, and Petrol. Jay has an in-depth knowledge of strategic branding and digital marketing in high-growth startup environments. Two of the companies he has worked with have experienced an exit with valuations up to $1B. 

But truly what makes Jay’s unique blend is his remarkable energy and ability to lead with heart. He believes in doing business with Authenticity, Integrity, and Love.
Marine L. Rot
Co-Founder & COO
The Co-founder of BeMore Academy, an award-winning art director, and marketing expert, Marine is best known for bringing forth the essence of businesses brands, using a unique blend of words, visuals, and emotional intelligence.
Her last decade’s work includes collaborations with Celine (LVMH), Evian, and megAgence, taking their brands' stories to the next level. Marine has also been publishing books and programs worldwide that encompass business & personal development. She envisions signature programs that harmonize BeMore Academy's client's brands just the right way and works with clients to re-connect to their own inherent wisdom and step into their greatness. Her NDE has reinforced her life’s mission in assisting individuals in manifesting their legacy.
Meet the Team
Our international team is supporting clients from 21 different countries and regularly hosting Live Trainings on Marketing & Sales in our vibrant FB community for coaches and consultants.
BeMore Academy provides an unparalleled coaching experience designed to accelerate your business growth by aligning your business with your purpose, attracting more High-Paying clients, and multiplying your results.

Our team offers high-impact 1-1 and group coaching solutions to help you grow your online business and makes sure you have all the business strategy, mindset coaching, and accountability support you need to succeed.

Want to learn how to attract more High-Value clients?
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