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How to Hire Your Intuition to Maximize Your Results?
5 Ways to Create Balance Between Life & Business
How To Transform Overwhelming Questions Into Boosters?
Imagine a business that is aligned with your life's purpose and PAYS YOU to live the life you've always wanted.
Ready to leave your uninspiring JOB and limiting PAYCHECK behind?
How to Hire Your Intuition to Maximize Your Results? ... even when it sounds 'crazy'!

"When you take action based on your intuition, you attract synchronicity, Divine Flow and invite more magic in your life and for others. Your intuition leads you to perfect places, experiences and people."

No one and no program on Earth will ever compare to your own inner wisdom. You were born with a fantastic inner guidance, designed right for your needs. 
And when you take action upon it, you attract synchronicity, Divine Flow, and create more magic in your life and for others.

Do you maybe start ignoring it as soon as you doubt in yourself or encounter someone questioning your ideas? One thing is for sure: your intuition cannot be taken away!

Following our hearts has taken Jay and I to places we never thought were possible. And it has always delivered the best outcomes, no matter how 'crazy' it seemed for others.

It took us to fly to the other side of the globe, to Kauai (Hawaii), from where we received a completely new lifestyle blueprint. A trip of a lifetime that inspired the life we have been living since then.

Intuition also continuously assists us to find the perfect match whenever we are hiring someone... I’m simply grateful for trusting our intuition!

So how does intuition work?

Your intuition speaks through your body. It is also what we call: the gut feeling. 

When is the best time to tune into your intuition?

Whenever you doubt about a new step in your life or in business, use your intuition to guide you to take the best decision. 

Working with your intuition:

  • Think about your current situation and imagine the different options you can see. Take a few minutes to visualize each scenario and observe each of them. 
  • How does it feel? Your body is guiding you. Observe it's reaction.
  • Draw your awareness to different parts of your body to:
  • Belly: Does it feel light (it’s a 'YES') or is it 'tensed' (it means 'No')?
  • Heart: Does it feel warm and expanded (it’s a 'YES') or is it small ('No')?
  • Palms and feet: Do you feel the warmth and energy circulating ('YES') or do they feel empty and cold ('No')?

Oftentimes we trust our unsecured thoughts, instead of trusting our intuition. Following this simple step will improve your confidence before taking  decisions. Learn how to dissociate inner critics from your inner guidance!

How to Transform Overwhelming Questions Into Business Boosters?

"The right questions carry all of your answers.

...learn how to discern 'drama' questions from smart questions, and let the answers get revealed to you."

Doubts and unanswered questions can easily lead to procrastination and being stuck. However, when asked in the smart way, questions can give you incredible insights for your business.

When you address a challenge from a space of positive motivation, you start formulating the right questions, giving the space for answers and solutions to reveal themselves.

Here is a process you can use when you become overwhelmed by too many questions:

1- Permission 

Before getting started, give yourself permission not to have all of the answers in advance and say out loud that you are OK with it.

2- Write down your questions

Take a piece of paper and write down all of the questions that are overwhelming you at the moment. Don't be afraid of the long list for now.

3- Prioritize 

Circle or highlight the ones that need most attention and give them priority numbers.

4- Transmute the drama

Notice the ones that carry 'drama' and try reformulating them in a more neutral way (without focusing on the emotional pain).

5- Gain space by scheduling

Looking at the high priority ones, set a time until when these need to be resolved (this will allow you to gain more space as you realize that not everything needs your attention right away).

6- Smart questioning

For each of the first 3 questions, ask yourself the following:

- How can I make the best of this situation?

- What are 5 options I could use resolve it?

- How can get support for it (a friend, book, mentor...)?

The good news is that not all questions need to be answered to right now. 

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5 Ways to Create Balance between Life and Business ('cause we all have 24h).

"Are you running your business or is your business running you?

... by getting a clear strategy and support, your actions get more focused and your life more balanced."

Entrepreneurship can bring incredible freedom and fulfillment. But without a clear strategy and support, it can simply become e.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g.

Here are a proven ways to bring more balance in your life...

1- Get clear on your message and market. First.

It may seem obvious, but I see many entrepreneurs who spend way too much time dealing with tasks that are NOT supporting their business. They focus on second-stage tasks and are surprised for not getting the results for their efforts. Take care of the foundations first. A typical example is creating your website without being crystal clear about your message and market. All of these efforts are a waste of time as they will need won't give any positive result. Get clear on your core business and the rest will be much much easier.

2- Let go of perfectionism

Many of us develop perfectionist tendencies from early childhood. Attention to detail is great when it comes to deliver a quality service or product, but it sucks when this mechanism turns into a FREEZING MACHINE. Imagine if you were given two times less amount of time, you would focus on what matters, right? That's the way to go.

3- Use systems (hello technology!)

Blessed by the technology area we live in, you can take full advantage of systems, business platforms and automation to support your business. An online business enables you to use automatized sales funnels from lead generation to conversion and processing without having a big team - and reach more people than you could on your own.

4- Focus on your brilliance

...and let your virtual assistant handle the rest. When you delegate, your work gets more focused and your business gets empowered.

5- Say YES to nourishing time

.... even if it's for a short time on a weekly basis. Why? Because when you are rested, you are more present, more connected, you simply can achieve more, get more creative ideas. So say YES to weekend expeditions, weekly dates with friends and massages.

Why does Aligning Your Business to Your Purpose Matter? Thoroughly tested.

"When you align your business with your purpose, not only do you start to do awesome work, but you sparkle with joy, inspiration, passion and energy!"

I'm sure you've been experiencing those special moments of ecstatic joy... Glimpses of your unique mission that made you feel ALIVE and reminded you why you are here. 

But there's a HUGE difference when you get to actually ALIGN Your Life and your Business to your Divine Purpose. These aren't glimpses anymore. These become your reason to BE.  

This is when your voice gets heard, your message gets amplified, and where your potential becomes an ACTIVATION to create a global impact in others' lives. When you’re in alignment, not only do you start to do awesome work, but you find yourself sparkling with inspiration, passion and energy!

This is a big topic, but here are three tips to get you started:

1- Claim your mission.

Deep inside, you know what your mission is. It is that quiet feeling, in tune with your heart, something that you’ve always known to be true, that is filling you with tremendous energy when you do it. It may be teaching, creating, inspiring, healing… On a conscious level, you can remember the direction of your purpose.

2- You don't need to change everything.

For some reasons, you may have built a business that seems far away from your mission. But here’s good news. You don’t need to turn around your whole services to align your business, life and mission. Honor your existing service. It is here or has been here for a reason. How can you take what has worked to another level?

3- Weave it in.

What you can do is to start weaving in your mission into your existing services, start talking about your best practices with your clients. For instance host a webinar that encompasses both your current offerings and your passion. Look at what is 'pulling' you - rather than what you are trying to 'push'.

"Marine and Jay went beyond our expectations! They have this rare talent of seeing the big picture way beyond our imagination and the dedication for consistent execution. I'm so glad we have hired them at the very beginning of our business launch as they were able to help us identify and employ our unique opportunities for innovation and service development. Today, we are growing and hiring 350+ people in France."
Christelle Morancais, France
“After only one session with Marine I felt immense clarity on my brand’s vision. Marine was able to shed light on things that were right in front of me that I couldn’t see. Another thing I loved was her intuitive hunches which brought the session up to a whole other level. If you’re feeling stuck, confused or unclear in your life or business, then definitely reach out to Marine. She can help steer you in the right direction.”
Michelle Pierson, USA
“Thank you so much for your great support, ideas, guidance, Marine. Working with you in these first 2 and half months, I have accomplished more than in the whole year before. I now have a clear picture of where my business needs to go, and I trust that it will get there very quickly. I have added a few new clients already. Thank you for all your dedication and ground-to-earth approach that produces results!”
Svetlana Stankic, Canada
“It is always the greatest pleasure to work with you. I am often amazed by how well you understand me, my goals and my vision. It’s a joy to effortlessly communicate what’s in my head and see it come to life. You are a breath of fresh air.”
Mandi Gavlak, USA
“Oh, I just LOVE your energy, Marine and Jay! It’s amazing how much clarity I received on the projects I am tackling through your coaching. Especially because I’ve got so many ideas and things to think about, while running two international companies.Thank you!”
Stella Korosec, Slovenia
“Hi Marine, just wanted to say...a huge thank you. Since working with you something has moved in me. I'm feeling light & vibrant. I have a workshop, coming up, that I'm co-hosting and been doing lots of Distance Healing sessions. Your magic, has turned on the light switch, that has been on dimmer, for a long, long time." 
Gai George, Australia
How can you make it happen?
"There's a calling from within that is inviting you to expand. 
And no matter how you look at it, it's a Non-Negotiable."
Marine L. Rot
Co-Founder & COO
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