"Imagine having a System in place for generating 
quality Leads, Appointments and Sales... 
 without you having to worry about it."
For Coaches, Consultants, and Therapists
growing 6 and 7 Figure Online Businesses

Jay Rot - Founder & CEO

A Business Coaching Program like no other
Being an expert at what you do is one thing. But growing a business is another one. At BeMore Academy, we support coaches, consultants, and therapists to grow successful online businesses. 

By transforming your Product, Implementing Marketing and Sales Proven Strategies, you immediately transform your Business, your Life and you create positive change in the world. THIS is why we do what we do.
"With Client Attraction Program™, I went from a stagnating $3-4k income to my first $10k month in less than 60 days. I made $12k in the next 2 weeks alone, hiring new people and enrolling the most amazing Clients yet. The ongoing support and accountability are vital for me staying focused and positive."
Vanja Bokun Popovic
Founder of Full Body Quantum Calibration
"I came to Marine & Jay with the idea to build a low ticket online class but little did I know that I was destined to a much greater purpose! In the span of only 3 months, I realized my true mission, set up my dream coaching program and enrolled my first high-ticket clients that multiplied my initial investment. Client Attraction Program™ has changed my life!" 
Cat Bennett
Founder of The Art Of Change Program™
"In less than 2 months with BeMore Academy, I have launched my first Mastermind Program and signed up 15 new clients. Adding an extra $37,000 to my income gave me all the Confidence, Support and Courage I needed to pursue my Dream."
Katarina Vidmar
Founder of Intuitive Painting Program™
Ready for the Client Attraction Program™?
Learn how to Attract more High-Ticket Clients
Make a Bigger Impact, Grow your Business,
and Reclaim Your Life.
Marine L. Rot
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