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BeMore Academy offers high-impact 1-1 coaching solutions to help you grow your online business over the course of 6-12 months, depending on your current situation. Our comprehensive curriculum offers six specialised core learning modules for immediate and consistent results. We take you by the hand and make absolutely sure you have all the business strategy, mindset coaching, technical and accountability support you need to succeed.
What is it?
Thrive is 1on1 high-impact coaching program that shows you step-by-step, how to build a unique and profitable brand, market more effectively and use your online presence to create a worldwide change. It’s personal, tailored solutions to help you grow your online, service-based business over the course of 6-12 months. 

We’ll spend a full 60 super intimate minutes together every week, working on your business. Yes, that’s 4 coaching sessions with Marine & Jay, every month for 6 or 12 months.
Who is it for?
This program is NOT for everyone. It is for Soul-driven entrepreneurs, just like you - who are ready for a life transformation. If you want to build an online business that is aligned with your life's purpose and represents your full potential, we need to bring your mind, body and spiritual evolution to the next level. 

This is your opportunity to unlock your unique gifts that are already innately in you. We bring you the Clarity, vital marketing skills and strategies to make your business profitable and true to your vision.
  6-Month Program starting at:   $4.500
12-Month Program starting at:   $7.500
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Our Enrollment Coach is here to help you choose a program that best fits your goals.
MASTERMIND is your breakthrouh opportunity to take your business further and be supported along the way. 

This is a hand-picked, small group mastermind for Soul-driven entrepreneurs. It includes two hours of one-on-one coaching with Marine & Jay, 6 online masterminding sessions and free access to our Clarity Program.
INNER CICRLE is your opportunity to surround yourself with amazing entrepreneurs who UNDERSTAND you, SUPPORT you, and want to help you to SUCCEED.

This is your monthly subscription to a regular fortnightly masterminding sessions so that you never ever have to run your business alone, feeling scared or isolated again.
Experience a Shift from CONFUSION to CLARITY. 
This is your 6 week online video-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to achieve Clarity on WHAT Your Purpose is and HOW to Start Living It!

 WHY? So that you can finally turn your online presence into a World-Changing Mission. 
CLARITY WEEK (free trial)
This is your 1 week trial training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to achieve Clarity on WHAT Your Purpose is and HOW to Start Living It!

Start your FREE trial 1-Week Clarity Experience.
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Ready to take the next step?
Our Enrollment Coach is here to help you choose a program that best fits your goals.
1. Curriculum
Each track of the business school provides its own carefully planned curriculum with specific topics covering what you need to implement in that particular stage of your business.
2. One on One Coaching
You’ll get direct access to a Marine and Jay as well as other BeMore Academy professionals who will lovingly work with you to keep you on track and accountable to your goals and assignments.
3. Mindset
Your success is directly correlated to the state of your mindset. Our mindset teachings will provide you with the exact steps you need to break through self-imposed barriers that stop you from playing a bigger game. You’ll get the tools you need to increase your confidence, expand your vision of your business, and gain the courage you need to take quantum leaps in your business.
4. Accountability
You'll get accountability buddy for regular check-ins. This is in addition to the accountability prompts you’ll receive to help you focus on priorities each day.
5. Community
Our BeMore Academy community provides you with the heart-to-heart connections that you’ll come to absolutely treasure. Lean on this tribe for resources, to celebrate successes, brainstorming, connecting, networking and a soft place to land if you need it temporarily.
6.  Love (YES, unconditional love)
We believe that every person in the world wants to feel significant, heard and unconditionally loved. BeMore Academy provides a sacred space in which our students feel appreciated, celebrated and championed for who they are.
7.  Spirituality
We take a non-denominational, spiritual approach to success in business with a focus on multiplying results using metaphysics, the Law of Attraction and spiritual principles. (This is not the core of the curriculum or coaching, yet we sprinkle it in throughout because the results of applying this layer are indisputable.)
Jay Rot - Founder & CEO
Make Your Dream Business Come To LIFE!
The Founder of BeMore Academy, a Visionary Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker and Business Coach, Jay has been a catalyst in thousands of people’s lives. With more than 10 years of experience in business development as a successful entrepreneur and CEO, Jay has fortuitously founded and managed 2 companies in digital marketing and e-commerce. He has collaborated with leading multinational companies such as Vitra and Outfit 7 and has been featured by various international media. Jay’s innate appetite for living a thriving life, has led him to Hawaii where he discovered the freedom of a location-independent lifestyle. He has created BeMore Academy, an online business academy, packaging both entrepreneurial and spiritual wisdom to birth coaching programs that help others build successful heart-centered businesses.. .
But truly what makes Jay’s unique blend is his remarkable soul-driven energy, and ability to lead with heart. He believes in doing business with Authenticity, Integrity and Love.
Marine L. Rot - Co_Founder & COO
Make Your Dream Business Come To LIFE!
The Co-founder of BeMore Academy, an award-winning Art Director and Coach, Marine is a Muse, who has been blending visual talents & emotional intelligence to empower women entrepreneurs awaken to their creative nature. Her last decade’s work includes the collaboration with Celine and Evian, publishing books and programs that encompass both business & personal development. She has been featured by Galeries Lafayettes and international media, nominated as one of the most prominent artists in France, and invited by the former French president, J. Chirac.
Deeply sensitive to her inner world, she sees the unseen and envisions signature products that harmonize her clients’ lives and brands just the right way. She uses her heart-space while connecting and working with people so that they can re-connect to their own inherent heart wisdom and step into their greatness.  
Her NDE in Hawaii has reinforced her life mission in assisting women in their own transformations and guiding them to live their purpose and create a legacy.
"Marine and Jay went beyond our expectations! They have this rare talent of seeing the big picture way beyond our imagination and the dedication for consistent execution. I'm so glad we have hired them at the very beginning of our business launch as they were able to help us identify and employ our unique opportunities for innovation and service development. Today, we are growing and hiring 350+ people in France."
Christelle Morancais, France
“After only one session with Marine I felt immense clarity on my brand’s vision. Marine was able to shed light on things that were right in front of me that I couldn’t see. Another thing I loved was her intuitive hunches which brought the session up to a whole other level. If you’re feeling stuck, confused or unclear in your life or business, then definitely reach out to Marine. She can help steer you in the right direction.”
Michelle Pierson, USA
“Thank you so much for your great support, ideas, guidance, Marine. Working with you in these first 2 and half months, I have accomplished more than in the whole year before. I now have a clear picture of where my business needs to go, and I trust that it will get there very quickly. I have added a few new clients already. Thank you for all your dedication and ground-to-earth approach that produces results!”
Svetlana Stankic, Canada
“It is always the greatest pleasure to work with you. I am often amazed by how well you understand me, my goals and my vision. It’s a joy to effortlessly communicate what’s in my head and see it come to life. You are a breath of fresh air.”
Mandi Gavlak, USA
“Oh, I just LOVE your energy, Marine and Jay! It’s amazing how much clarity I received on the projects I am tackling through your coaching. Especially because I’ve got so many ideas and things to think about, while running two international companies.Thank you!”
Stella Korosec, Slovenia
“Hi Marine, just wanted to say...a huge thank you. Since working with you something has moved in me. I'm feeling light & vibrant. I have a workshop, coming up, that I'm co-hosting and been doing lots of Distance Healing sessions. Your magic, has turned on the light switch, that has been on dimmer, for a long, long time." 
Gai George, Australia
Ready to get results?
Get in touch and I will be happy to help you to choose a program that best fits your goals.
Marine L. Rot
Co-Founder & COO
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